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EASD 2022 - infographic roundup

It was a privilege to attend the EASD Annual Meeting last week thanks to the scholarship from #dedoc° Diabetes Online Community.

Here's a brief roundup of the week:

If you want to deep dive into the week you can read the daily reports here:

  • Improving HCP/PWD interactions

  • Diet and Type 2 risk

  • How complicated is Type 1 Diabetes?

  • The #dedoc symposium - what we wish you knew and why

  • Rising Star Award recipient presentations

  • Diabetes technology and glucose monitoring (8 talks!)

  • Giving birth with diabetes

  • Diabetes and climate change

  • Once weekly insulins

  • "Saving our sweet souls"

  • Neuropathy talks on psychological treatment for pain management, and urologic complications

  • CGM for all debate

  • The new T1D Index

Thanks for reading!

Check out the #dedoc voices programme at


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