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Is it time for an insulin pump break?

Getting sick of wondering whether my blood sugar highs are because I've screwed up somewhere or because there's something up with the absorption from my pump.

I am having so many dramas with infusion sites, my troubleshooting has unreliable results and I am often getting blood sugars that are above my target range for long periods of time. I do have occasional days where I stay in range all day, and the bolus from the pump does the job but way more often I follow my normal routine and it’s as though I haven’t taken any insulin at all.

Sometimes I change the cannula and put in fresh insulin and sometimes it does the trick. I love it when this happens because I think “it wasn’t my fault my sugars are high”…but when a changed cannula and fresh insulin doesn’t seem to make much difference I am back to square one. Is it another dodgy site? I am really lacking in fresh real estate to put the cannulas so it could be. I just hate the second guessing all the time when that goes on.  I spoke to my doctor about this at my last appointment (where my HbA1c had shot up) and she suggested I try my legs (I hated that) and to change my cannula more often (I’ve been better at that than I was) but there’s been no dramatic improvement so far.

There are aspects of multiple daily injections that I used to find awkward (I did that for 3 years before going on the pump) – I was never that comfortable injecting in public and definitely not in the middle of a work meeting over lunch (always a trip to the bathroom for that). Times have changed though. I’ve worked from home for the last 4 years and the continuing lockdown means I can spend this time calmly seeing whether injections for a few weeks will make a positive difference.  I haven’t raised this with my doctor yet but it seems like it might be a sensible thing to try.


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