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The power of a fresh cannula site

I didn't give up on my pump in the end.

I had to be honest with myself about whether I really was running out of new places to stick my cannula. It's true that my sites were becoming overused after 10 years of rotating around my tummy and bum cheeks (sorry).

My problem wasn't that I didn't have any fresh sites, I just didn't like the idea of trying my cannula in my arms and legs. It gave me the creeps thinking about it - the movement of limbs and clothing going on and off would surely mean the cannula being ripped out all the time?

In the end it was easier to give these sites a try than work out how to go back to injections for a bit so I decided to go for as long as I could without using my normal cannula sites and see how it went. I'm not exaggerating to say the results were quite astonishing. My BG average came down within the first couple of weeks, my time in range went up and I shared my Freestyle Libre graphs on social in delight.

I reported this back to my endocrinologist when I had my online consultation in the summer and my estimated HbA1C was the lowest it had been for a few years. Worth the experiment and pushing through my mental barriers for this one.


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