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World Diabetes Day: A Pledge to End Diabetes Stigma

In case you missed it, it was World Diabetes Day on 14th November. Here's a repost of something I shared on LinkedIn and happily, it was shared far and wide and seemed to resonate with people. I am proud to support the campaign to End Diabetes Stigma and, even though it's hard sometimes, I am doing my best to be visible and overcome (perhaps imagined) stigma by 'doing diabetes' in professional settings with people I've only just met.

Here's the post - I would love to know what you think.


Do you think it’s OK to make jokes about people with chronic conditions?

Some people do!

Diabetes was the punchline of yet another joke on the new Netflix comedy special that came out last week 😞 . 

When you have diabetes it’s not funny.

It shouldn’t be funny to people who don’t have diabetes either, but this was a stark reminder of how casually diabetes is often portrayed in the media - as a subject of humour, personal blame and judgment. 

🔍 Understanding the Impact 🔍

This isn't just about hurt feelings - it's about a widespread misunderstanding that can lead to serious psychological, social and physical repercussions for those living with diabetes.

The stigma attached to diabetes isn't just a series of jokes or offhand comments. It's an insidious part of our culture that shapes perceptions and attitudes. It can lead to people with diabetes feeling ashamed, judged, or embarrassed about their condition. This can have real, damaging effects, from stress and anxiety to people hiding their condition from others or avoiding or delaying necessary medical care.

🤝 Taking the Pledge 🤝

I was up early this morning to celebrate the global launch of the campaign to hashtag#EndDiabetesStigma. It's a commitment to challenge the stereotypes, to speak out against misinformation, and to show support for those living with diabetes.

But this isn't just a matter for those of us with diabetes. It's a call to action for everyone. Whether it's in the media, in casual conversations, at work, or in our personal attitudes, we all have a role to play in breaking down these harmful stereotypes.

🔗 Your Action Matters 🔗

Please take a moment to read more about the "End Diabetes Stigma" campaign. 

Please take the pledge – you can do this as an individual and as an organisation.

Please spread the word!

Your awareness and action can make a world of difference.

Together, we can create a more supportive and understanding world for those living with diabetes. Thank you. 💙 


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