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Simplera Sync CGM: a promising upgrade for Medtronic 780G users

I was very excited to see the Medtronic announcement in January that the new Simplera Sync CGM has been approved for use with the 780G system, having been granted a CE mark in Europe. Read on to find out why I am itching to get my hands on this sensor. 👇

What's so good about the Simplera Sync?

This is going to be a big improvement compared with the current Guardian 4 CGM for people using the 780G system.

While generally fine to use, the current Guardian 4 has some significant downsides - the main ones being that the transmitter needs to be recharged before each use, the sensor is fiddly to apply, the over tape is untidy, a finger prick reading is needed to enter SmartGuard mode and the relatively large sensor size.

The Simplera Sync resolves many of these complaints.

Just look at the side by side comparison between them:

A comparison table showing Simplera Sync and Guardian 4 features
Simplera Sync vs Guardian 4

The only downsides right now seem to be the relatively long warm up time, the fact that it still needs a fingerstick calibration to enter Smartguard and the amount of plastic waste that the disposable insertion device will create. I'd love to know if there's an option to recycle any of this. It's something a lot of people with diabetes really care about but not something that seems top of mind for industry.

For me, the biggest benefits are that it looks way nicer and it's easier to attach. The current insertion process for the Guardian 4 sensor is cumbersome and so I find myself putting off inserting a new one when my sensor expires, leaving me with bigger gaps in sensor readings and time out of SmartGuard mode than I am happy about.

What are people saying about it?

🎥There are some great diabetes tech vloggers on YouTube doing a really good job of sharing news about all the upcoming tech on the horizon, and they have covered the Simplera in their recent updates showing what it looks like on, how it is inserted and talking about what it is like to use.

Check these out on YouTube:

I think it's also worth mentioning that last year when I was at the ADA2023 conference in San Diego I saw them being worn by some of the Medtronic team. I had assumed these were only demo versions but turns out they were the real thing - they looked great and were so much neater and tidier than the Guardian 4.

The new style CGM might not tick everyone's boxes - other CGMs out there are smaller and last longer - but for people using the 780G already or people who were put off the 780G by complaints about the Guardian sensors, this is a positive step forward and I am really looking forward to using it.

Here's what I really want to know

Some things you just don't know until you try it so I am intrigued to know:

  • will the sensor reliably last the full 7 days?

  • will the tape be comfortable?

  • how secure will the tape be?

  • how reliable will the supply be?

  • how much can be recycled?

  • and of course...when will it be available to use in the UK?

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I'll be heading to the ATTD2024 conference in Florence next month and will be stopping by the Medtronic booth to see what I can find out.

Watch this space!

Read my deep dive review of the Guardian 4 sensor here.

My latest review of the Medtronic 780G system is here.

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Thanks for reading 😊.


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