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Trying out the Medtronic Simplera CGM

While at #ATTD2024 I had the chance to try out the new Medtronic Simplera CGM.

This is the standalone CGM that isn't compatible with the Medtronic 780G system (the Simplera Sync is coming up for that) - but they have the same, look, feel and insertion process so I was happy to give it a try. This post is a quick run down on what it was like 👇.

Photo collage - trying out the Medtronic Simplera

Easy insertion

It's very similar to the process of inserting a Freestyle Libre sensor. Twist off the top, hold the device against the skin, press down and it's in. Quick, easy and painless. I wish there was less plastic waste though.

Comfortable adhesive

The sticky tape is more elastic than other sensors I have used. There is a criss cross pattern on the tape which apparently helps the skin breathe. I found it really comfortable to wear and had no irritation at all.

Comfortable to wear

There was no discomfort or snagging as it's very light and has no sharp corners.

Neat and tidy look

The tape stayed on well, didn't peel off, and the sensor looked fresh and new until I took it off on day 6. I only removed it to make space for a new Guardian 4 sensor, otherwise it was still going strong. You can see how much better it looks than the Guardian 4. No overtape is needed with the Simplera. Yay!

Side by side photos of the Simplera and Guardian 4 CGMs being worn

Easy to remove

Taking it off was a little bit different to removing other sensors. The tape is quite stretchy and was still very much attached so it took a little bit longer to loosen it all and pull the sensor off. I had a little bit of minor bleeding when I took it off but it was fine. There was no leftover adhesive on my skin when I took it off.

Does it work?

I didn't try out the function but there are others on social media who have given it a proper road test (Tim Street's review here and Justin from Diabetech here) so do look them up if you're interested in an in depth review.

Waiting for the Simplera Sync

I'm really excited to try out the Simplera Sync (I wrote about it here) and I think this will be another big step forward for the Medtronic 780G set up. I will post about that when I get my hands on it! In the meantime, here's the summary side by side comparison.

Side by side comparison between Simplera Sync and Guardian 4 features


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